extrudr | HIGH FLOW ABS

Extrudr uses 100% new Resin.
We make an effort to blend the best components for the perfect properties.

High Flow (HF)

Our ABS resins are all low-viscosity giving our product up to 4 times better flowing characteristics, leading to a better flow for superior layer to layer sticking and a smoother surface.

High quality colour

We use only the best master batches containing colors made in Germany.

Extruder temperature

Extruder temperature is about 215 - 230 °C depending on the amount of overhangs. On one side higher temperature turns resin into a more “liquid” state and smoother surfaces. On the other side it’s harder to fabricate structures without support material for overhangs.

Low shrinkage

The ABS shrinks less than < 0.7 % when cooling down during the printing process preventing the product from warping.

Constant diameter & roundness

+/-0.05mm & +/-0.05mm

Particle free

During the manufacturing process a pressure of 100 bar pushes the melt through a tight metal screen to remove all contamination and to homogenise the plasticized ABS.

Vacuum sealed

Every spool is vacuum sealed after a final inspection avoiding humidity in the material.

DIN Spool

The filament comes on a DIN spool with an inner diameter of 53 mm and fits perfectly to 3D printers equipped with a 2 inch shaft or smaller. Every spool contains 720 grams of filament.

100% made in the eu

The filament is produced at our facility in Austria under high quality standards. The reel comes from Italy, the color from Germany and the packaging comes from Austria too.

Rapid printing

HF properties enables you to fabricate faster than an average filament. For example: standard printing speed with a “Makerbot Replicator 2x” is 90 mm/s. With HF-ABS you could speed up your 3D printer to 120-130mm/s.

Heated build plate

To get the optimal result the heated build plate should have 110 °C.