Rob|Arch 2016 Sydney - spatially extruded structures



Our current project together with ETH went to the annual Rob|Arch conference in Sydney and held a workshop called "Spatially Extruded Structures". The Material we provided was developed & optimized for robotic spatial extrusion.


Description: This workshop explored the generation of spatial frame structures extruded in midair.  Building upon the Mesh Mould research project developed at the ETH Zurich in close collaboration with Sika Technology AG  (Patent Publication No. WO/2015/034438) they explored the constraints and opportunities that come with non-layer based 3D printing processes.


Robarch 2016 Extrudr

This process  capitalises on the strengths of industrial robots – precision in space and time – while working strategically with their limited payload by deploying minimal material for maximal geometric definition.  The workshop demonstrated the stages from algorithmic design in rhino python via custom control software to the automated generation of instruction code and the feedback of empirical material behavior back into the generative design code.

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Location: Pier 2/3 Walsh Bay

Duration: Tuesday 15th March – Thursday 17th March 2016 10am-5pm.

University/Organisation: ETH Zurich, University of Michigan &
University of Technology Sydney

Workshop Co-Chairs: David Jenny, Wes McGee,  Dave Pigram and Iain Maxwell.

Robot Workcell:  2 x KUKA Kr6, Custom Extruder and PLC, Laser Rangefinder

Software: Rhinoceros 3D, superMatterTools

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