3ders.org & 3druck.com reporting about GreenTec


Our new range of bio compounds (BDP) just has been featured by 3ders.org and 3druck.com.

As the 3D printing community consumes vast amounts of plastics (and how many of those prints fail?), it’s always good to use 3D printer filaments that are biodegradable or that can be recycled. PLA is a great start, but is only completely biodegradable in bioreactors and specific laboratory conditions. Grinding units are another option: machines through which failed prints can be recycled into new 3D printer filament, though unfortunately these are still very expensive. Fortunately, a third option has just appeared: Extrudr Green-TEC, by Austrian 3D printer filament manufacturers Extrudr. Unlike PLA, it can be 100% degraded in natural cycles. read more...

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