Maker Faire 2015

 Entry Maker Faire Rome

The recent Maker Faire Rome – European Edition not only gave us the opportunity to present our latest knowledge and products but also to see, in person, the people and their great new inventions created by the makers and 3D printing companies. 

Maker Faire Rome Stand F2


For the first time we presented our new PETG Multicolour filament to the public and from now on you can get your 1.1 - 2.2 kg spool printing various colors without having to exchange your filament each time (soon available for ABS and PLA).


Extrudr Maker Faire Rome

Furthermore we presented our extrusion process and made people aware of the difficulties we were facing producing high quality filaments.


Extrudr 3D Printing  Filament process

We want to thank you for the big interest, feedbacks and interesting discussions we had throughout the days. 

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