extrudr competition: and the winner is....

thanks for the great subscriptions! 

All filings are great. We love your designs. Because most of the filings are so sophisticated, we will give also some free spools to the second, third (2 times) and a "special mention" placed. 


@the winners:

Please get in contact with us to get your vouchers....  info@extrudr.eu



We are proud to announce our jury members:

Anastasia Pistofidou:  Advanced manufacturing officer | FabLab Barcelona

Anastasia Pistofidou is a Greek architect who lives and works in Spain. She passes most of the time reviewing three-dimensional models to be constructed. She deals with the 3d printing, 3D modeling, parametric design, milling, laser cutting and various numerically controlled technologies.

She combines traditional techniques with a small spice of invention and digital tools. In the rest of her time she teaches in the form of seminars different techniques that anyone can learn in a fab lab and how new technologies are changing the way we produce and consume and applies digital technologies in fashion education, retrieving and translating traditional craftsmanship in digital media in order to bring innovation in local production and education . She directs the office of Advanced Manufacturing of Fab Lab Barcelona and is IAAC partner coordinator of the EASTN european program.  She also is an active member of the art group chinosinternational.cc, the FirstV1sion company and founder of fabtextiles.org research .




Aldo Sollazzo:

Aldo is an architect and researcher. Fab Academy Diploma in 2014 at Fab Lab Barcelona, founder of Noumena  and Fab Lab Frosinone, Aldo is an expert in computational design and digital fabrication that teaches in international events and explore within the Lab and its own practice. Since 2013, he is director and coordinator of  RESHAPE – digital craft community, a platform dedicated to the development and implementation of innovative ideas from the world of digital design and fabrication.



Stefan Kainbacher - Founder of Beauty Parlour, BPNXT & Neongolden

Beauty Parlour is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Vienna and Dornbirn, Austria. It was founded in 2007 by Stefan Kainbacher as a network of designers, artists and creative technologists. Today, the core team consists of ten creative people with different backgrounds, such as various design disciplines, architecture, programming and digital art. In addition, we work with another ten freelancers as well as a strong international network to support our core team. In everything we do, we are committed to quality and efficiency. This is why a new team is put together depending on the specific requirements of each project for best results. To find the perfect solution for our clients, we show courage and we are not afraid to break new grounds. All this allows us to create strong holistic design solutions across different media.

As experts and partners, we support our clients through every step of the way making them part of the design process – from the initial contact to the final product or service. Throughout the years, we have collaborated with many international companies and individuals whose work we highly appreciate. Luckily, they have appreciated ours just as much.

The Vienna based office takes a bold approach to Conceptual and Computational design and delivers truly original and innovative solutions in the field. Our team in Dornbirn, Vorarlberg, is endeavoured to provide the best pieces of design in the area of webbased applications as well as Communication and Interface Design.






Patrick Fuerst

Working at the intersection between software implementation, hardware layout and conceptual design, Patrick Fürst is an engineer, developer and digital art enthusiast currently based in Berlin. He tries to expand his horizon day by day and experiments with every technology he can get his hands on.

Sharing knowledge, contributing to open-source projects and meeting like-minded people are some of his passions and beliefs.

After graduating from HTL of Electrical Engineering and later from Vienna University of Technology in Media Informatics and Visual Computing he has been working for several digital art studios including Beauty ParlourNeon GoldenField.io and Minivegas.

He has a sound knowledge of C++, OpenGL, GLSL, CinderOpenframeworks, Git, Bash and is experienced in building electrical installations which include Raspberry Pis, LEDs, sensors, and much more. He recently started working with web technologies such as Node.jsCoffeeScript, and WebGL.


Patrick's latest 3D printing Project: Draw a ring





  • Tiago Figueiredo says...

    Hi guys,

    Thank you very much for this recognition. Congratulations to all winners as well, nice work :)


    On March 31, 2015

  • Tim Van Ransbeeck says...

    Carboncopter is dope, but definitely impressed by the shades! #want #designershades

    On March 29, 2015

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