we are proud to announce our third extrudr competition jury member

Anastasia Pistofidou:  Advanced manufacturing officer | FabLab Barcelona

Anastasia Pistofidou is a Greek architect who lives and works in Spain. She passes most of the time reviewing three-dimensional models to be constructed. She deals with the 3d printing, 3D modeling, parametric design, milling, laser cutting and various numerically controlled technologies.

She combines traditional techniques with a small spice of invention and digital tools. In the rest of her time she teaches in the form of seminars different techniques that anyone can learn in a fab lab and how new technologies are changing the way we produce and consume and applies digital technologies in fashion education, retrieving and translating traditional craftsmanship in digital media in order to bring innovation in local production and education . She directs the office of Advanced Manufacturing of Fab Lab Barcelona and is IAAC partner coordinator of the EASTN european program.  She also is an active member of the art group chinosinternational.cc, the FirstV1sion company and founder of fabtextiles.org research .

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